Montag, 28. Januar 2013

How to deal with a mansplainer?

Danke Hillary Clinton, dafür das du dich täglich mit weißen, ignoranten Politikern rumschlägst und dabei nie die Nerven verlierst. Eine wunderbare Anleitung in gifs wie man mit mansplainern umgeht von

Step 1: Raise your hands up like, “Whoa you guys you can’t be serious.”

Step 2: Make sure to emphasize your points by counting with your hands so that simple tea party Senator mansplainer understands.  Mansplainers like visuals.

Step 3: No, seriously. Fuck this guy.

Step 4: Raise your hands up like, “What’s your point?” and clown the mansplainer for not having an actual relevant point.

Step 5: When Senator John McCain calls you combative and proceeds to rant endlessly, nod with a sly smile.

Step 6: Take the time McCain spends ranting to reorganize the pages in your binder.

 Step 7: Rearrange all of the random crap on your desk.  You can never be too organized when getting grilled by angry white dudes.

Step 8: When the rant continues on and on look at the mansplainer with a *blank stare* and put your hand on your chin like, “Are you still talking?”

Step 9: Go home and do this.

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